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About us
Starwin Cultural Communication Co., Ltd, is the top 10 famous enterprises in the field of audio-and-visual product distributions in China since established. We have the most biggest sales channel all around the country, we have more 15 sub-branches in the major cities. In the year of 2007, we upgraded our rank to top 5 in the field. This is a huge success to us, and we are going to do better in the future.
We aim at the goal of becoming the most famous provider in the cultural fields in China. Mainly we handles business including records distribution, copyright management, music production, publicity-promotion, artist management, network distribution service and performance organization.
We are a team of enthusiastic and originative young people and various professional senior musicians organized with superior management culture. We keep pace with the trend of music and the pulse of pop culture with insight of culture. We dedicate ourselves to establish Starwin into a brand of national characteristics and international senses.
1. Abundant resource of brand categories
Today, Starwin is holding a diversified music library, mainly Chinese original music, of more than 3000 titles, which covers more than ten major best-selling categories or brands including ¡°Pop Star¡±, ¡°DSD¡±, ¡°Crystal Classic¡±, ¡°Crystal Dual¡±, ¡°Choice Box Set¡±, ¡°Folk Music¡±, ¡°Folk Song¡±, ¡°Classical¡±, ¡°Children¡±, ¡°Dance¡±, ¡°Entertainment¡± and ¡°Video¡± etc.
As the exclusive distributor of Chinese folk songs and music authorized by China Record Cooperation, backed up with its representative folk music products, Starwin has developed into a record company possessing the largest variety of abundant Chinese original pop music as well as Chinese native folk music.
Nowadays, Starwin observantly noticed the change of native market under the prevalence and influence of Korean culture, and actively introduced a series of hit albums of the best popular Korean idols, including Rain, Boa, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Jang Woo-hyuk, Lee Min-Woo, Shinhwa, Mina, Jang Dong-gun and so forth. Apart from the albums, discs of MV are also attached, ensuring the best enjoyment both acoustically and visually.
2. Professional business development system
Regarding singer promotion, in 2004, Starwin established a professional team of artist management and promotion, and we formed China Records - Art Power (Beijing) Music Co., Ltd. Therefore Starwin incorporates artist packaging and marketing planning, striving to exploit entertainment content with market attraction. Starwin has discovered a number of native artists of original music. The contracted singers of Mainland include Liu Jialiang, Sylen Hwa, Cao Huijuan & Tan Weiwei etc.
In 2005, confronting the baptism that internet music downloading severely affected the traditional market of distribution, Starwin seized the chance and invested to found Handstar Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., which congregates Starwin¡¯s abundant music resources and run business of wireless value-added service (including copyrights of records, original pop music, J-pop and K-pop etc.), providing the cell phone or online customers with the best mobile value-added service. Now Handstar Digital Entertainment has already become one of the leading companies within the circles of service providers.
At the beginning of 2007, Starwin upgraded its own high-fidelity label originally named ¡°Crystal Sound¡± and established ¡°SOLO HI-FI¡±, which integrates masterminding, production and distribution. With strict attitude of music writing, professional recording quality and mature marketing modes, SOLO successively release excellent works of great vocalists such as Liao Changyong, Dedema, Chang An, Garidi and so forth, making rather good sales performance.
Additionally, Starwin has invested in several professional studios for original music, including Crossover Music Production Co., Ltd., Star Art Power Music Co., Ltd. etc. It indicates Starwin¡¯s improvement of music production chain and steadier business development pattern.
3. Service-oriented marketing mode
Applying unique specialized management, Starwin has developed service-oriented marketing mode and set up a fine distribution and sales system within the whole country. Starwin has currently possessed over 400 chief distributors and more than ten thousand terminal sellers, covering numerous provincial and municipal cities all over China. It¡¯s what makes Starwin stand out in the domestic record industry. Besides, Starwin unceasingly innovated in publicity ideas. By utilizing its intact and compact platform, we turn CD products into an effective media, which can make promotion and advertisement promptly and directly to audience, finally to combine marketing and promotion successfully.
Since 2005, Starwin accelerates the stride of establishment of oversea sales network. Frequently Starwin participates in varied conferences abroad organized by government or business circles. So far we have signed long-term cooperation agreements to explore new territory of market with over ten wholesalers from oversea countries or regions such as US, Germany, France, Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia etc.
As one of the excellent representative of enterprise within the industry of Chinese home entertainment, Starwin Culture Communication Co., Ltd. responds timely to the call of the country and takes the responsibility to carry forward Chinese national culture. By right of professional attitude to music and accurate market locating. Under the new economy trend of online music, Starwin integrates native music contents and information & network technology to create a marketing mode being up to the demand of market development. Starwin positively develops outstretched projects of music, innovates in ideas of music culture and enlarge the variety of market channels, aiming at making more effective efforts to accelerate the development of Chinese home entertainment within the country and abroad. Let¡¯s bring native Chinese music to the worldwide music circle to let it flourish.
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